Momodora 2


A little girl's dangerous adventures


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Momodora 2 is an adventure and platform game with a style that is very similar to the classic Cave Story, in which players control Momo, a little girl who heads inside of a mysterious, danger-filled temple.

However, it won't take you long to discover that your young character is a priestess whose mission is to head into the depths of the temple to put an end to the Queen of the Underworld, who is waking up and threatens to be a problem for mankind.

In order to defend yourself from the traps and enemies that inhabit the temple, you have different weapons at your disposal. On the one hand, you have a leaf from a tree that you can use as a weapon at short distances, and on the other hand you have a few sacred symbols that you can launch at your enemies.

Just like in Cave Story, Metroid Prima or Castelvania for Gameboy Advance, the game does not develop linearly. You can explore the temple as the fancy strikes you and, in fact, you will have to advance and retreat a number of times in order to continue with the adventure.

Momodora 2 is an excellent game that mixes exploration, platform and action elements and achieves fantastic results. The only drawback is that, even though you can save the game, the game is pretty short.
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